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foodannnPosté 07/04/2021 04:51

ABOUT United Steel Industry CO.,LTD
United Steel IndustryCo.,Ltd is a China-class l manufacturer & exporter of Carbon Steel Pipe銆乄elded Steel Pipe銆丼tainless steel pipe銆丄lloy Steel Pipe銆丱TGC銆乸ipe fittings and high-tech and high value-added steel products.
As one of the largest subsidiary of United SteelIndustry Group,We are committed to strict business management, through Cost control, risk control, quality control, efficient production,ensure first-class equipment To produce first-class products for customers, first-class team to provide customers with first-class services.and ensure that customers purchase the most cost-effective steel.
1. Strong financial support:we can handle max amount 100-500 million dollars for an order.
2. Rich experienced marketing team/production team/after-sales team,our partners are PDVSA,NIOC,SINOPEC,CNPC..etc
3. We can provide you with all the required documents when the tender is in progress.
4. Providing standardized third-party inspections and ensure the quality of raw materials and final products.
With stocked 60,000 tons various of steel material in 30,000 square meters warehouse ,located in Tianjin and Singapore. So far,United-Steel has built a first-class hot rolled and cold drawn production lines for seamless steel pipe, and HF welding and submerged arc welding. The company has been insisting on the standard from authoritative organizations such as API銆丟B銆丄STM銆丏IN銆丣IS銆両SO. Each year it produces different standards of seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe up to 800,000 tons. And the products are widely applied to many industries such as petroleum industry, chemical engineering, medicine, paper plant, shipbuilding industry, provisions, nuclear power, ammunition industry. Besides, United has applied different test methods to test the finished products, concluding eddy current test, supersonic inspection, spectrum analysis instrument.
As the most important steel pipe exporter in China, DMH United-Steel has become the qualified supplier to PDVSA, TOTAL, EGPC, NIOC, NNPC, PEMEX,OOC, ONGC, SARB, CCED, Southern, NOV. Products have been widely applied to various industries around the world such as petroleum and gas transportation industry, pressure vessel industry, machinery industry, etc.
United Steel Industry CO.,LTD own a strong R & D platform,we build up six factory in Tianjin, Jiangsu, Hunan and Jiangxi.Our advatange is The R&D department has many years of experience, advanced facilities in the factory and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production.Meanwhile, we can provide a complete production process and finished product testing services,including the impact testing machine, bending machine,ultrasonic detectors, optical microscopy, hydraulic test equipment,We have experienced technical knowledge, quality control and production teams can meet the most demanding project and pipeline requirements.

Qualification certificate
Steel Pipe we produced conform to international standards such as: ASTM, JIS, BS, EN, GOST, AWWA, DIN, UNI,ANSI and ISO. The mills are approved with EN10217, EN10219 certificateand ISO9001:2008 Quality Managem.
ABOUT United Steel Industry Group---USI GROUP
UNITED STEEL INDUSTRY CO., LTD (USI Group) is one of the largest steel pipe groups in China, is Committed to providing high-quality steel products and supporting overall services for global customers and services. Established in 1989, wiith overseas headquarter in Singapore, and domestic headquarter located in Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China.
USI Group has 20 branch companies, strong financial support of more than 1 billion US dollars, and a team of more than 10,000 employees. We haveestablished 6 factories in Tianjin, Jiangsu, Hunan and Jiangxi, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation, we has built a first-class hot rolled and cold drawn production lines for seamless steel pipe, and HF welding and submerged arc welding. USI Group has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, advanced and reasonable technological process, and complete testing methods, high- quality products and excellent customer service, And also provide technical support and solutions for different projects,we have won customer satisfaction and have a good reputation in the industry. Our customers include PDVSA, NIOC, Sinopec, PetroChina, etc. USI Group has become the main steel supplier to industries of energy, chemical and petroleum, and construction.
Adhering to our principle of "quality is the culture, prestige first, treating customers as supremacy, ",Continue to develop and maintain long-term in-depth cooperation with new and old customers, regardless of the size of the order.and USI Group are confident that customers choose the most cost-effective steel.
USI Group has 20 branch companies, strong financial support of more than 1 billion US dollars, and a team of more than 10,000 employees.
CONTACT US Stainless Steel Screen Pipe manufacturer